Members’ Briefing (1 September)

As today is the first Wednesday of the month, AMCHAM held its monthly Members’ Briefing virtually once again. This session featured special guests Michael Newbill, Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and Ibrahim Suffian, Co-Founder and Program Director of Merdeka Center for Opinion Research.

AMCHAM’s CEO Siobhan Das provided the updates from the Chamber after the mental health break. This includes the upcoming events, government-related engagements on travel and COVID-19 vaccinations and more. Michael Newbill updated the members on initiatives coming from the U.S. side including the recent visit from the Vice President to Singapore and Vietnam and the status of APAC.

Ibrahim Suffian presented on the status of Malaysia particularly the current political landscape, how does the public feel about it and what the likely course could be. AMCHAM members had the opportunity to raise questions and concerns to our special guests as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. Special thanks to both of our special guests for a very informative Members’ Briefing.