Meeting with PM of Malaysia (21 May 2021)

AMCHAM would like to thank the PM of Malaysia, Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin, Y.B. Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, Senior Minister, Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Tengku Zafrul, Finance Minister, and other ministries involved in yesterday’s session for reaching out to the industry players to hear our views on efforts to stop the COVID-19 transmission.

AMCHAM encourages the Government to work closely with industry and to keep the communications channels open in order to exact the maximum impact of a stricter and more managed lockdown with tighter enforcement of SOPs. We strongly recommend for businesses to continue operations as the country cannot afford another lockdown and that more should be done to ensure communities are supported in reducing transmissions.

We are confident that the Government will be able to strike a balance between public health and economic health. We should do our best to maintain the upward momentum of the economy and restore business confidence at home and throughout the global supply chain, of which Malaysia plays a significant role.

AMCHAM calls for simpler, more easily understood SOPs and for every person to be accountable for greater self governance.