Masterclass: Building Conscious Leaders – Elevate Your Leadership to Thrive

We have been forced to alter the way we live and work in the wake of the many lockdowns and disruptions borne of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is no doubt a problem, it also presents the opportunity for growth and development. This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored in order to stay relevant and keep up with the rapidly shifting social and professional landscapes. Certain qualities and traits have come into focus and certain skills have gained prominence during the course of the pandemic that have shifted the key and desired qualities in leaders. To continue to thrive in the “new normal,” it is important to use our time to develop, master and sustain new leadership behaviors and mindsets.

On 12 March, AMCHAM held a virtual, but practical, masterclass for both emerging and established leaders to recognize, discover and learn what else can be done to elevate their leadership mindset into that of a SEE-19© Leader; a phrase coined by our two speakers, co-authors of “The Rise of SEE-19© Leadership: See Beyond and Become the Leader You Are Born To Be.”

Leading the masterclass was Kavita Satwalekar, Leadership Coach, Mentor and Author at Inner Sense Consulting, and Gail Gibson, Master Performance Coach, Author and Speaker, two inspirational coaches who work with leaders across the US, UK and Asia. Although the session was condensed to an hour, both Kavita and Gail kept the informative and insightful session active and lively by engaging participants with interactive discussions and activities.

A special thanks to both of our coaches for leading this masterclass and thank you to Lam Research for sponsoring the event.