ManpowerGroup – WorkSmart at Home. Remote Working is the New Norm

In response to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, many companies are requiring some or all of their employees to work from home.

While working remotely does provide some advantages such as saving time and money by eliminating commuting, it can also increase stress levels. For many, this is an unexpected development they may be unprepared for.

In ManpowerGroup latest report, What Workers Want, it mentioned that workers are prioritizing balance and choice and it’s non-negotiable. People want to choose where, when and how they work, and that doesn’t mean millennials logging on in coffee shops. They want the social aspect of work with the flexibility to accommodate the demands of One Life, the sharing of caring and the desire to boost their well-being.

“8 in 10 want more remote work to better balance family life – and most believe they’ll have a better work life blend going forward”

Working remotely can be challenging under normal circumstances—but for those doing so for the first time or adjusting to sharing their home office with children, spouses or roommates—it is important to create structure and expectations. This applies to your colleagues and also within your home.


  • Lack of colleagues and managers to collaborate with and stay on task
  • Working too many or too few hours
  • Managing work/life balance and establishing boundaries to limit distractions
  • Lack of everyday face-to-face interaction, increased feelings of isolation and decreased motivation and trust
  • Potential for miscommunication due to lack of non-verbal cues

To work effectively, you must understand how you operate and what allows you to be focused and productive. Managing your energy is key to focused work.

Additionally, schedule meetups! Meeting with other people on your team will increase trust and helps team members bond with each other.

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