Malaysia Baru First 100 Days

On October 5,  AMCHAM hosted a special roundtable discussion focusing on the use of ‘big data’ in understanding public sentiments, and how the business community can be using knowledge of the contemporary zeitgeist to develop actionable insights supporting their branding and reputed management strategies.

Mr. Shahid Shayaa, CEO of Berkshire Media, a big data company specializing in social media analytics, helped to kickstart the discussion by sharing insights gathered by his company into public perceptions on a range of policy issues during the first 100 Days of Malaysia’s new government.

The panel discussion was joined by Umesh Nair, Head of Reputation at Edelman Public Relations Malaysia, who observed how consumers and young talent alike are increasingly expecting private companies to provide thought leadership and advocacy on issues of common concern as part of their corporate responsibility and identity. Adib Zalkapli, Senior Associate at political consultancy Vriens & Partners, commented on both the opportunities and the challenges of incorporating data about public sentiments into the policymaking process.

Thank you to Abdul Rahman Abu Haniffa, Director of Government Affairs and Policy at GE Malaysia and also Chairman of AMCHAM’s Government Relations Committee, for leading today’s discussion as our moderator!