Lean In Career Programme (LICP)

Lean In Malaysia‘s signature career accelerator, the Lean In Career Programme (LICP), has been focused on helping women ‘career breakers’ to prepare themselves to re-enter the workforce.
What is LICP?
The LICP cohort has undergone an intensive 6-week programme consisting of practical Masterclasses, panel discussions and mentoring sessions designed to help boost their confidence, sharpen their skills and prepare them for re-entering the workforce. The programme is almost over, and they are looking to connect with organizations with a strong D&I culture and are open to considering ‘career breakers’ as potential hires.
AMCHAM in support of Lean In Malaysia is seeking support from our member companies to:
  • Send a HR/Recruitment representative from your organization to the LICP 6.0 Finale event, to be held virtually on Saturday 20th November, at 10am-12pm, to hear the graduates make their pitch and identify any potential candidates of interest,
  • Listen to pitches from all the participants as they highlight their growth and why they are ready to re-enter the workforce
  • Listen to talks from Lean In Malaysia senior leadership on topics surrounding women’s empowerment
  • There will be no speaking engagement or live feedback from participating organizations required at the session
  • Agree to receive and review the CVs of the LICP 6.0 talent pool, for consideration for any potentially suitable roles in your organization
This year’s LICP 6.0 cohort:
  • 27 participants in total
  • Are all ‘Career Breakers’ (meaning they are currently out of employment and have taken a break from the workforce for a minimum of 6 months)
  • Have rich and varied backgrounds, spanning from back-office finance functions, marketing and communication specialists, HR specialists, legal and more
  • Are largely experienced, with more than 70% of them having more than 7 years work experience prior to their career break
  • 27% have 5-7 years of work experience prior to their career break
  • 16% have 7-10 years of work experience prior to their career break
  • 19% have 10-15 years of work experience prior to their career break
  • 35% have >15 years of work experience prior to their career break
For more information, please contact Alia and the Lean In Career Programme team at [email protected] for more information, to receive an invitation to the LICP 6.0 Finale or to indicate your interest in receiving the CVs of our LICP talent pool.
Click here for overview of the demographics of the LICP6.0 participants