Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

The Centre is deeply committed to caring for the environment and the society while balancing the business needs and mitigating the impacts of financial risks of climate change on our industry.  Sustainability is a rite of passage now in our industry, and ought to be for all.

As a leading venue in Malaysia, the Centre has taken a leadership role in driving engagement with strategic partners and the business events supply chains to strengthen our resolve as business leaders to put into action a cohesive plan that places sustainability at the core in everything we do and contribute to Malaysia’s sustainability goals.

In 2022, the Centre together with its partners, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Business Alliance (KLCCBEA) and Urbanice Malaysia, have kick-started a revolutionary project to create KLCC SDGs Precinct, which will make the precinct a sustainability haven for organisers and delegates to meet, eat, sleep and play responsibly; improve the destination value propositions of Malaysia to the international audience; and provide a SDGs precinct model for the country to roll-out in other precincts.

The Centre has invested in various sustainability projects to manage event-generated waste and facilitate low-carbon events for our clients.  Chief among the key projects are adoption of A.I. system for food waste management; composting machine to convert food waste into compost, thereby diverting waste from landfill; urban, hydroponic farming to provide pesticide-free and zero carbon footprint greens to our delegates; and engagement with professional to create a short to long term roadmap to achieve zero-carbon.