Keysight Technologies

As a leading technology company, Keysight’s vision is to build a better planet by advancing the world’s technology while employing an ethical, environmentally-sustainable and socially-responsible business framework. Our CSR program is founded on 6 pillars:

  • Our Solutions – Our electronic measurement solutions are designed to be safe, compliant with regulations and maximizes the value of environmental resources.
  • Responsible Sourcing – With strategic suppliers, we ensure mutual commitment to sustainable practices. Keysight is an affiliate member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).
  • Ethical Governance – Our policies/procedures support transparency, sustainability and legal compliance. In Malaysia, Keysight is a founder-member of the Promise of Integrity alliance, driving the highest standards of integrity within the business community.
  • The Environment – We prioritize natural resource conservation and efficiency. Our ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management System drives continuous reduction of Keysight’s environmental impact.
  • Our People – Our employees are given challenging assignments, development opportunities, and a safe work environment, embedded with a strong culture of community-involvement. In Malaysia, employees participate in the annual Tour De Keysight global cycling relay to raise funds for charity, the Keysight Action Week environmental campaigns, and other community-outreach programs.
  • Communities – We strengthen communities through community-sponsorships and education-outreach. In Malaysia, our primary-to-tertiary STEM outreach includes the Keysight After School hands-on science workshops; Introduce-a-Girl-to-Engineering Day; the Innovate Malaysia Design Challenge; and, donations of Keysight solutions for university research. Keysight also plays a key role in the establishment and activities of the government’s STEM initiatives like the Penang Science Cluster, Penang International Science Fair and Penang Digital Library. In 2019 alone, Keysight positively impacted the lives of over 62,000 people in Malaysia.

Keysight’s CSR efforts are well-aligned with all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SGDs)