Keysight Technologies Malaysia

– Making a positive difference to our employees, customers and the community.

As a socially responsible business, Keysight is committed to helping in multiple ways to alleviate the impact of the current pandemic. Our holistic approach makes a positive difference to our employees, customers and the community, in the spirit of KeysightHEART.

H – Helping those in need

Donating funds and resources like COVID-19 test kits, medical supplies, PPEs and everyday necessities to support the needs of medical frontliners, security forces, charitable homes and at-risk communities.

E – Inspiring and energizing our Employees

Alleviating pandemic anxieties by motivating employees to continue adding value to themselves, the company and society. This includes encouraging employee volunteerism though Keysight events such as the Tour de Keysight cycling relay for charity and Face Mask Donation fundraising campaigns.

A – Accelerating customer success

Expediting and reprioritizing support, and offering free services and software, to help customers with urgent needs, especially for medical and communications infrastructure purposes to address the COVID-19 challenges.

R – Being a Responsible employer and corporate citizen

Ensuring all the necessary health and safety measures are enforced on our site as well as across our supplier ecosystem to keep our employees, our ecosystem partners, our families and the community safe.

T – Leveraging our Technology expertise for positive change

Making a difference with our technology know-how, including designing a solution to double the capacity of ventilators used for COVID-19 patients; continuing our primary-to-tertiary STEM outreach by redesigning our programs for online delivery; and, conducting free engineering and IoT educational webinars for university students.