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– Johnson & Johnson Malaysia is focused on raising awareness of mental health issues and eliminating the stigma of mental illness –

Johnson & Johnson’s Global Community Impact is focused on supporting and championing the people on the frontlines who are at the heart of delivering care. In J&J Malaysia, from 2018 to 2020, we aim to raise awareness of mental health issues and opportunities for each life stages by reaching out to various stakeholders, from employees to school counselors and the public, including students and young adolescents. In July 2018, the GCI team together with the Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) organized an experiential workshop comprising four activity stations to enable participants to better understand the importance of mental health. The workshop, which was accompanied by a fund-raising activity, reached out to 200 employees. The workshop was so successful the GCI and MMHA trained 10 employees to carry out the workshops themselves, after which the workshop was held at Asia Pacific University (APU) and 15 schools in Ampang Jaya in August. The effort reached out to 500 students. Moving forward, over the next few years, GCI will continue to raise awareness of mental health by carrying out the workshops in schools and academic institutions to reach out to the youths. In addition, plans are underway to build an app to help the public become more aware of their mental wellbeing and to help direct them to professional help. GCI will also continuously seek to collaborate with stakeholders to extend our reach in raising awareness of mental health.

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“Achieving 2020 Goals is integral to Johnson & Johnson’s long-term success. We consider them to be the Key Performance Indicators of our citizenship and sustainability approach and have processes in place to measure and track progress. We report out on our progress annually, including independent review and assurance of our progress and associated data”.