JA Social Impact Program

The JA Social Impact Program was designed to give a taste of entrepreneurship to students. This program is designed for secondary school to learn different aspects of business. This program, supported by Citi Foundation, has seen a traction from schools in 4 states in Malaysia namely Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan.

Schools were handpicked by the State Education Office and with the help of Citi Volunteers, we managed to kick-start this program in 40 schools. We have also seen interest from teachers in this program as high school students are able to apply this business knowledge to their lessons in school. As a high school student, understanding the journey of an entrepreneur and the skills needed to start a business is essential.

The pillars of this program are based on the JA Be Entrepreneurial program which educates students to develop a comprehensive business plan among other business skills. We hope to conduct a successful competition in a few months, where we will compare business proposals from students and judge them based on their comprehensiveness and feasibility. Besides that, with this program we hope to inculcate entrepreneurship and business acumen among young adults in Malaysia.