JA Pathways to Employment

JA Pathways to Employment, supported by JP Morgan is a program that introduces underprivileged youth to electrical / maintenance skills, soft skills and employability training. The purpose of this program is to transform at “at-risk” youth from around the Klang valley to sustainable entry-level electrical / maintenance technicians. This program aims to train 100 youths, aged 15-19 over 18 months.

To make this an impactful program, JA Malaysia has partnered with MySkills Foundation and Primus Institute of Technology to provide theoretical and vocational training in the field of engineering. In addition, JA Malaysia will provide soft skills training and introduce these youth to practical work-related knowledge. The participants will eventually be placed in full-time quality jobs as electrical / maintenance technicians.

Thus far JA Malaysia has completed 3 of the 6 soft skills workshops. The desired attitude and character of students became more apparent as we introduced them to goal setting, resume writing and critical and creative thinking. As we carry-out the upcoming sessions, we would introduce to the youth basic personal finance skills, attributes of a team player and interviewee skills to make it a comprehensive program that will benefit the youth in their future employment.