JA More Than Money

Understanding that financial literacy is a skill that is vital to be instilled in young children, JA Worldwide, supported globally by HSBC has embarked on a journey to promote the JA More Than Money program.

The recently revamped JA More Than Money program has seen an increase in excitement among primary school students. In Malaysia, our goal was to reach more than 1,000 primary school students. With the support of the local HSBC volunteers, we have conducted this program in 7 schools around the Klang Valley impacting 936 students so far. Some of the schools selected were SK Sri Subang Jaya, SK Seafield, SJKT Ladang Kalumpang, SJKC Pun Hwa, SK Kampung Tunku, SK Convent Bukit Nanas (2) and SJKT Vivekananda.

JA More Than Money is designed to introduce students about money management, business and global trade. The newly improved program has a new look to it which appeals to students. The modified content also made it easier for volunteers to teach the various concepts to the students and hence young children find it easy to understand.

JA Malaysia hopes to continue this effort and promote the JA More Than Money to more students in Malaysia.