ISKL Ted-Ed Club Students Hosts Virtual ‘Ikigai’ Event

Emulating the world-renowned TED-Ed conferences of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, High School students from The International School of Kuala Lumpur’s (ISKL) TED-Ed Club recently hosted their annual virtual TED-Ed Student Talks event. The theme was “Ikigai”, a Japanese term meaning “a reason for being” which was chosen to inspire others to stay resilient during these difficult times and focus on what is truly important to them. 

With topics ranging from wealth disparity, genetic modification, open-mindedness, forced marriage, and gender stereotyping, these insightful High School TED-Ed speakers covered it all in an event that is worth watching! Their insightful arguments were well researched, critically reasoned, and communicated so effectively, they were the very embodiment of our School-wide Learning Results in action.  

Diya N., Class of 2021 and President of the ISKL Ted-Ed Club, shared that by leading this project which is part of her International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program, she learned the importance of communication, collaboration, and adaptability. “My advice for anyone thinking about a Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project (an IB requirement) is to do what you are passionate about and be sure to explore your different hobbies, interests, and ideas,” Diya adds. All speeches have been compiled on a Ted-Ed Student Talks website and available on ISKL’s Youtube page. Congratulations to all the ISKL Ted-Ed students on their thought-provoking speeches. A tremendous amount of work goes into preparing talks of this caliber, and the time and effort put into the event was evident. 

Watch the video here