ISKL Nominated Again for “School Providing Outstanding Relocation Support” at Think Relocate Awards 2021

The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) is happy to announce its second nomination in a row at the annual Think Relocate Awards 2021 ceremony under the ‘School Providing Outstanding Relocation Support’ category. ISKL had previously earned the coveted Highly Commended Award in the same category back on May 12, 2020. ISKL is delighted at this year’s nomination as the ISKL community has worked tirelessly to support and assist families to enjoy a well-coordinated transition in and out of school. 

The pandemic has granted an opportunity for ISKL to think innovatively on how it can deliver a high-quality, positive relocation experience personalized to the needs of its diverse community. From interactive Q&A sessions with school leaders, the Panther Cares Relocation Program, and Panther Care packages, to leveraging ISKL’s social media to connect digitally and many more, ISKL is always finding ways to assist its community.

ISKL is humbled for the recognition and nomination for its efforts in the category, which truly are to support the ISKL community in their transitions. It is remarkable to see ISKL communities coming together, showing their support for each other- keeping the Panther spirit alive no matter the circumstances.

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