InvestKL records RM2.3b committed investments in 2018

InvestKL has successfully attracted 78 MNCs with approved and committed investments of RM11.7 billion, as well as the creation of 11,693 regional high-skilled jobs since 2011.

Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Zainal Amanshah said, “In 2018, InvestKL bucked the global investment trend by attracting 12 innovative global multinationals (MNCs). With approved and committed investments of RM2.3 billion, a total of 1,339 jobs have been created.”

The 12 MNCs are Fortuna 500 companies, Orange (France), MetLife (U.S.), Electrolux (Sweden), EY (UK), Accenture (Ireland), PERSOLKELLY (Japan/ US), China Pacific Construction Group (China);  Wood (UK); and hidden champions such as Pickles Auctions (Australia), United Imaging(China), and Bertling (Germany); and Zalora (Germany).

In the seven years from 2011-2018, RM6.63 billion or 57% of the RM11.7 billion investments have been realised. In addition, 7,516 or 64% of the 11,693 high skilled regional jobs are already on the payroll. Of these 7,516 jobs, 80% employed are Malaysians with an average annual income of RM110,124 or US$26,610 based on the exchange rate on 4.13.

Industry 4.0
“InvestKL remains focused on attracting high value, high skilled and innovation-led investments to create quality jobs for Malaysians. Despite a slower global economy and U.S. – China trade tensions, our investment pipeline is resilient as investment decisions are made over a longer period. We are confident of attracting similar investments this year.

“We are focused on attracting MNCs from the U.S., Europe, China, Japan and South Korea. These countries are strong in the six sectors that we are pursuing. These sectors are smart technologies, consumer technologies, e-commerce, medical devices, industrial automation, as well as energy and renewables.” –  InvestKL Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Zainal Amanshah.