INTI celebrates the Spirit of Innovation and Empowering Minds

Since 1986, INTI International University & Colleges has spearheaded the development of higher education in Malaysia. Drawing on the spirit of innovation as an integral part of learning, INTI has always been bold in reinventing education to meet the needs of tomorrow’s leaders, placing significant emphasis on employability. Empowering students with the knowledge, skills and experiences to help them meet the expectations of industry has remained INTI’s priority to this day.

Rohit Sharma, CEO of INTI said, “With rising concerns about the global economy, employers are placing higher expectations on their talent. In 2015 alone, close to 25,000 employees lost their jobs as companies tighten their operations to remain competitive. For fresh graduates entering this volatile job market, the challenges in securing employment have never been greater.”

Recognising the critical need for students to have skills sets them ahead of their peers, and to celebrate 30 years of empowering young minds, INTI launched INTIpreneur 2016, a unique initiative to challenge students to use their critical thinking skills to drive innovation with social impact. Supported by key industry leaders who will act as mentors, students will be able to develop their business acumen, entrepreneurial and soft skills

To launch the competition, INTI welcomed Mr Sajith Sivanandan, Managing Director, Google Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and New Emerging Markets; Mr Nazrin Hassan, Chief Executive Officer of Cradle Fund; Puan Elia Talib, Managing Director of GRADUAN; and Mr Melvin Lim, INTI alumni and Co-Founder of Cubinet Interactive, to be part of a panel discussion on ‘Rethinking Employability’. Together they addressed the realities of the workplace in 2016, and how institutions of higher learning and employers played a key role in empowering students with the skills to survive any job market.

“We believe INTIpreneur 2016 will be a great opportunity for our students to gain key insights into the workplace. By exposing students to these employers who will take on the role of mentors, we are helping them to understand and develop skills that employers are looking for such as creativity, innovation and problem solving which are vital to their future careers,” added Sharma, who also moderated the panel discussion. INTIpreneur is among INTI’s various initiatives aimed at improving graduate outcomes on top of other various strategic initiatives and collaborations with over 400 employer partners. Ranging from global MNCs including IBM, Google, Microsoft and home grown giants like Maybank, INTI has the distinction of being able to ensure 100% internship placements for all its students.

To date, 97% of INTI graduates are employed within 6 months of graduating, while 16% received job offers even before they graduated. 78% of these graduates were also paid higher than the market average – a testament to their quality and capabilities.