International SOS – Sustainability Support

International SOS support sustainability and actively contribute to finding the solutions that have a positive impact on society. We focus on the impact we have on the workplace, communities and environments we and our clients operate in. And we do this with a long-term view in mind. International SOS do this best by leveraging its core expertise and services in the medical and security arena. We believe as an employer, we have a Duty of Care to safeguard our global workforce. Now more than ever, our commitment towards ensuring the health, security, safety and wellbeing of the global workforce, in all locations, at all times, are equally important to be a sustainable business. The physical and mental welfare of our global workforce will also remain a focus.

Therefore, we identified Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing as a material topic relating to our people. Toward this end, we recently made available in our office a free self-serving Health Kiosk for employees to monitor their own health and well-being, anytime. Through the Health Kiosk, they can connect virtually with a dietician or a medical doctor for consultation. In addition, through an App, employees are also provided with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) hotline to speak to a counsellor on a variety of issues such as marital problems, depression, anxiety, financial problems and lately, COVID-19.