Intel Malaysia

– Over 936,000 volunteer hours recorded, RM13 million disbursed to communities since 2006, and a total of RM5 million committed for COVID-19 relief in the country.

Who we are

Intel Corporation chose Penang as its first site outside of the US in 1972. Since then, Intel Malaysia has grown from a workforce of just 100 to about 12,000 employees today; next year, we will celebrate 50 years of operations in the country. Intel’s initial investment of RM1.6 million has also grown to over RM25 billion from what was once a memory chip assembly plant into one of Intel’s most complex sites. Today, the Malaysia site contributes significantly to the design and development of Intel’s latest products in the areas of PC/client, data center, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Intel Malaysia delivers multi-functional operations including assembly test manufacturing; where chips are received from Intel fabs, assembled into protective packages, tested to make sure they work as intended, and then sent to finished good warehouses for shipment to customers. Also on-site are design and development competencies, global shared services capabilities, as well as sales and marketing. Intel Malaysia’s operations consistently contribute about 10% of the country’s total electrical and electronic exports each year, supporting a critical and massive supply chain ecosystem. 

Empowering our people to care for our community 

The Intel Volunteer Matching Program empowers our employees to volunteer their skills and time in the community where the Intel Foundation will match US$5 for each hour they volunteered. Since 2006, we have clocked close to 936,000 volunteer hours and disbursed over RM13 million (as of December 2020) to NGOs and schools in Malaysia. 

We’re all in this together: Joining forces to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to manufacturing investments, Intel has committed over RM5 million for COVID-19 relief in the country since the onset of the pandemic, supporting hospitals, schools, frontliners and underserved families with medical equipment and supplies, PPEs, food and essentials, as well as technology assistance to support the remote learning needs of underserved students. In addition to the COVID-19 relief funding, Intel also helped vaccinate over 17,000 people from its own workforce, neighboring companies, and their respective supplier companies, via the Intel Penang on-site vaccination center as well as the Kulim Hi-Tech Park vaccination center or Pusat Pemberian Vaksin.

RISE 2030 – continuing our commitment as a responsible corporate citizen

We strive to create a more responsible, inclusive and sustainable future, enabled through our technology, expertise and passion of our employees. Read more on our Sustainability (RISE 2030) goals here.