Introduction of Exemptions for MyFutureJobs Advertising Requirement for Expats

Following the recent introduction of advertising requirements for expatriate positions via the national employment portal MYFutureJobs, which will come into effect 1 January 2021, the Malaysian government has carved out exemptions for certain expatriate positions.

Automatic exemptions, without the need to go through any additional process with the Social Security Organization (SOCSO) before applying to the approving agency and Immigration, will be given for the following type of posts:

  • C-Suite positions, key posts, and expatriates with a salary of RM15,000 and above
  • Representative / Regional Office
  • Investors / Shareholders / Owners
  • Corporate Transfers / Secondment / Business Agreements
  • International Organizations
  • Sports Sector e.g. football players
  • Employment Pass Renewals
  • Replacements

Conditional exemptions, upon application, can also be granted for specialized skills, such as language-related skills.

The full details will be made available by the Social Security Organization (SOCSO) via their official guidelines and FAQ soon.