HP Malaysia

– Drive digital inclusion to transform lives and communities. Lead the development of holistic solutions that break down the digital divide that prevents many from accessing the education, jobs, and healthcare needed to thrive.

At HP, we are committed to enabling every person to unlock his or her potential and develop the talent and skills necessary for a better, brighter future. HP strives to build innovative, accessible, and personalized technology and solutions to promote digital inclusion and lifelong learning.

In Malaysia, HP is proud to be able to help shape future generations and be a technology enabler for students and teachers nationwide. Through our partnership with Junior Achievement Malaysia (JA), we have organized many programmes that have uplifted thousands of underprivileged students, equipping these next-generation talents with the right skills, technological know-how and experiences to thrive in their future careers.

These initiatives include:

  • JA Job Shadow which prepare students for the working world through experiential lessons
  • Learning Initiatives for Entrepreneurs that trains students who aspire to become entrepreneurs or start their own businesses
  • Classroom to Career, a virtual engagement that guides students on necessary skills to succeed at the workplace including financial literacy, building your personal and other soft skills
  • Coach to Teach, a masterclass to introduce teachers to the HP Life portal and guide them in integrating technology into their syllabus to deliver engaging content to students
  • Mobile TechHub, where HP sponsored 40 laptops for JA Malaysia to be used in a temporary tech lab at schools on rotation for students to access JA programs
  • Be Entrepreneurial Program, prepares students to become social entrepreneurs focussing on UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • HP LIFE portal overview, https://www.life-global.org/ gives people free access all over the world the opportunity to build skills for the future – whether they want to start or grow their own business, enter the workforce or secure  a  better  job
  • TITAN, an online real time gamified entrepreneurship program providing students with experiential learning and decision making to successfully run a business

To date, more than 550 HP employees and senior leaders have committed over 5,000 volunteering hours to work with nearly 30,000 beneficiaries across Malaysia.