Hess Exploration & Production Malaysia B.V.

– Transforming Lives Through Education –

At Hess, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of our employees, by safeguarding the environment and by creating a long- lasting positive impact on the communities where we do business.

Education is the primary focus of our CSR initiatives in Malaysia and our ongoing commitment to supporting quality education is evident through our active involvement in MACEE’s Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) program. This program is administered by MACEE, in coordination with the Malaysia Ministry of Education to help tens of thousands of Malaysian students to boost their confidence and improve their proficiency in English language. Additionally, the program promotes goodwill by establishing friendship and mutual understanding between the ETAs, students, teachers and their communities.

The American ETAs serve in rural secondary schools across Malaysia for ten months, playing the role of supplemental English instructors and cultural ambassadors. Many ETAs find a sense of purpose and belonging as they build meaningful relationships within their communities. Hess is the official sponsor and biggest corporate contributor for the 2018 ETA Program specifically in Kelantan, which is our area of operations. In 2018, ETAs in Kelantan has taught over 5000 students in the classroom and reached additional 1000 students who participated in over 11 ETAled English camps, with varying themes centered around leadership, culture, environment, health, public speaking and more. Hess employees contributed significantly to the English camps during the year through their efforts in volunteering and facilitating teaching and learning outside of classroom.

For more information please visit us at http://www.hess.com/sustainability/social-responsibility