Hershey Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

In 2015, The Hershey Company signed the White House climate change pledge among the other thirteen largest companies to commit & respond to the climate change threat by reducing the GHG emission. Many initiatives have been implemented since then. One of them is by activating the Green Team committee where a group of people to educate, engage & activate the sustainability mission “Protect our environment by continuously improving the efficiency and sustainability of our business activities and products towards bringing joy & affordable snacks to everyone

Hershey Malaysia has been practicing merging the CSR activities & sustainability program since after the government declared the endemic phase in May 2022. Hershey Malaysia’s Green Team and CSR Committee have been doing great work throughout the year giving back, educating, and encouraging the community to make more sustainable choices.

During the Good to Give Back Month season in July, the team went to the Taman Daya School to educate the students about the importance of sustainability by providing them with a 110 set of Hershey stainless steel drinking bottles as a substitute for plastic bottles and explaining why it’s better for their health and the environment. To add more sweet moments to the event, Hershey surprised the students by setting up the RMT station where they collected their subsidized food during recess time, and they love it!

This was not the first visit the team has made to the school. In conjunction with Earth Day 2022 celebration last May, the team went to the school for an exciting activity where they created a Hershey Garden from scratch -with the help of the schoolteachers- and as always, took the opportunity to brief the students on the importance of sustainability. These activities engaged & benefited 100 students, 15 school representatives & 33 Hershey’s family members.