Here’s Why Mental Health at Work is Everyone’s Business

On 23 April, our Corporate Citizenship Committee (CCC) members organized a program looking at  mental health at work. This was their third program for this year and we were grateful to have Florence Tan, Corporate Responsibility, Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion Lead of PwC, Wong Ee Laine, Corporate Communications Manager, and Chin Chion Shyuan, Senior Product Manager of Johnson & Johnson to share about their CSR initiatives on mental healthcare programs within their organization.

This is not an easy conversation, especially at the workplace but it is an important topic to be addressed. We all have times when life gets on top of us – sometimes that’s work-related, like deadlines, etc. Sometimes it’s not work-related – it could be health related, our relationships, or family matters.

When we feel distressed, we need a compassionate, human response and these are some of the factors that lead to PWC and J&J recognizing the problem and developing programs to address the issue within the organization.

Members appreciated the sharing session as it helped them to have a better understanding of this important topic and how programs like the ones presented by PWC and J&J impact the staff and discuss whether the program made a difference and most importantly whether it’s an effective program to further invest in.