Malaysian Immigration Update for Expatriate Teachers and their Dependents

Kindly take note of the latest policy update by the Malaysian Immigration Department pertaining to expatriate teachers and their dependents.
Notice for Expatriate Teaching Staff and their Dependents: 

1. Expatriate teachers are allowed to leave Malaysia for summer break and return to Malaysia thereafter;

2. The validity of the exit and return approval is ninety (90) days from the issuance of the approval letter by the immigration Department;

3. For those who wish to stay outside of Malaysia for more than 90 days, the employer is to apply, separately, for:

a. approval to exit (before leaving Malaysia); and

b. approval to enter (before returning to Malaysia)

4. The application for exit and entry can be submitted through the MYEntry system.

For further information regarding the matter, please contact +603-88801440 (helpdesk) or email at [email protected]