Haskell – Project Kampungku

Project Kampungku started with an idea in 2016 and was first executed in August 2017, operating on three key pillars: narrowing the gap related to availability of sustainable light energy between people living in the city and the indigenous community; promoting sustainability; and ensuring that our indigenous communities are well taken care of.

The decision to have a project dedicated to the distribution and installation of solar lights to the indigenous community was fuelled by the realization of the lighting tool shortage faced by the indigenous people. With only a handful of kerosene lamps and dimly lit fires scattered around the village ground, as well as a rising number of children of schooling age, Project Kampungku was determined to help. In 2018, Haskell APAC incorporated ourselves into this project along with Veritas Design Group. Project Kampungku has since then been an annual program both Haskell and Veritas are working together on alongside the Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Malaysia (ECOMY).

The long-term goal for Project KampungKu was initially centred solely on the provision of reliable renewable energy but has since evolved to include creating an advocacy machine championing the rights of the indigenous people and promoting and ensuring education for their children. The project believes that these three components – renewable energy, social advocacy, and education, are the special sauce needed to create holistic project sites. The ultimate goal of Project KampungKu, however, is to ensure these villages are energy independent, safe from rampant deforestation, and have dependable access to education.

For three years now, Haskell has been able to provide a source of sustainable energy in Malaysia together with our collaborating partners for this effort. Over the years, we have extended our effort into including the delivery of sundry goods and educational material to also promote a better quality of health and education for the indigenous community we meet with annually. As part of Haskell’s commitment to be leaders in service to and make a measurable difference in the quality of life to the communities where we live and work, the ‘KampungKu’ (My Village) project is a special one for the team as it revolves around a cause that all deeply care about – the lives of the indigenous people in Malaysia.