Guideline to apply for certification to operate in Food Supply, e-Commerce, Healthcare and Medical Sectors

Guideline on the Consideration Factors Taken into Account in Approving Operations for the Food Supply, e-Commerce, Healthcare and Medical Sectors

1.Critical operations throughout the retail business chain include E-commerce * throughout the MCO period

  • Manufacturers / Manufacturers / Wholesalers / Retailers (including packaging in each chain)
  • Distribution Center and warehouse
  • Delivery (stock, food delivery)
  • Call center and IT Support
  • Business outlet
  • Security

2.Company must minimize labor or close non-essential services and other operations of the company;

3.The Company is required to submit to KPDNHEP a list of names of persons authorized to work for inspection by the authorities at [email protected];

4.The operation of the company shall be in accordance with the directive of the hours of operation and such other directives issued by the Local Authority

Click here for more information on the types of retailers under the supervision of KPDNHEP that are allowed throughout the MCO. Please note that the application form is in Bahasa Melayu.
* Only limited to online businesses and subject to the decisions of the Committee