Getting To Know Your Net Worth

On the 4th of March, 2020, AMCHAM held the very first event for young professionals under the age of 35, within the AMCHAM membership. This first entry was about “Getting To Know Your Net Worth”.

The seminar featured two distinguished speakers. The first speaker was Mr. Chuah Wee Kee, Head of Investment Specialist & Treasury Sales at Citibank Bhd. He spoke about personal finances and how to invest wisely, suggesting different kinds of approaches to investing that would best suit the investor. He also gave light into what are the pitfalls to be wary of when investing.

The second speaker, Mr. Soh Lian Seng, Partner, Tax Dispute Resolution (TDR) and Executive Director of KPMG, spoke on the topic of getting to know your net worth, what goes into determining one’s own net worth and how tax authorities check on accuracy.

Overall the kick-off for the young professionals’ program was successful. The group of young individuals that attended was happy to get to know AMCHAM and were all eager to see what’s coming up next for them.