Future Leaders Internship Program 2016

Future Leaders Internship Program recently joined hands with Asia Pacific International schools to provide industry experience for their O level students. They both envisage FLIP program to be embedded as a part of their curriculum in their coming academic year. Being so, Asia pacific International school would be the first international school in Malaysia to have incorporated industry learning experience as a compulsory part of learning for their students.

Future Leaders Internship Program
Personal experience is a powerful learning tool. Future leaders Internship program provides students as young as 16 yrs of age with a unique and very realistic access to commercial environment. As in the real world, students get the opportunity to perform their dream jobs in sectors like banking and finance, law, accounting, engineering , IT or any industry that they would wish to be.

In this instance, FLIP’s objective is to help the students “Find their Love, Interest & Passion” in the career world by providing a high touch, short and structured Internship opportunity. Their offerings are first of it’s kind in Malaysia and are ready to be incorporated into school curriculum for high school students.

Benefits for students:
– Gain real world work experience through FLIP’s customized short industry exposure
– Enhances student’s resumes, they earn a letter of reference and stand out in their college applications
– Students’ gain knowledge about the commercial world, refine their career aspirations and are able to expand their professional network.
– Enhance self- confidence while learning how to balance work and fun.