From The Desk Of The Executive Director

AMCHAM is hiring. Please go to Jobs Online on our website and help us find the right people or spread the word.

AMCHAM was delighted to host the Malaysian Prime Minister on July 11 and now, will be refocusing onto a new challenge. The Chamber will host the APCAC 2018 Business Summit in Kuala Lumpur April 4 – 5, 2018. Mark your Calendars. If you’re not familiar with APCAC, let me just share with you what APCAC is all about and why it’s important for businesses to be involved in this summit.

The Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) is an association of 29 independent member American Chambers located in 22 economies of the Asia-Pacific Region. APCAC represents the growing interests of over 15,000 business entities, over 50,000 American business executives in the region, and 15 million employees.

The APCAC Business Summit is hosted each spring by an APCAC member and In 2018 Malaysia’s AMCHAM will play host to more than 300 business and industry leaders as well as media, academia, policy experts, and top government officials from the U.S. and across the Asia-Pacific region, that typically attend. The annual summit provides a valuable platform for dialogue on key issues, networking and business development.

As we shape the program we are looking for some committed individuals to provide input and help support the APCAC 2018 Business Summit. If you’d like to be involved, drop me a line at [email protected] and, please consider being a sponsor so that you can showcase your presence in the region.