From The Desk of The Executive Director

We are sorry for the delay in getting Pulse to you this month but there has been a lot afoot.  AMCHAM is getting busier and busier and we hope, you as our members like some of the things we are doing as we see what resonates within the membership. The new Government has also made us much more active in our government relations areas as they seek to understand the nature of American business in Malaysia and how it supports the growth of the country at large. Your engagement from your various sectors, therefore, becomes even more important at this time. We want to hear from you.

Your business matters to us.  Please help us to help you.

While we are a small team and cannot handle everything but with your support we can do better. Please contact us if you are interested to see how you can help or if there are any issues you feel we should be putting some attention.

If you think you can help, even in a small way, please drop a line to our Public Affairs Manager, Lewis Walmesley-Browne:  [email protected]

I look forward to also seeing you at the upcoming Members Briefing this evening (August 16).  It has certainly been a busy summer s it will be great to catch up with everyone.