From the Desk of the ED

2020 – what an exciting year for the country! In Malaysia’s vernacular 2020 has been a ‘marker’ year for many hopes and ambitions. Some we have met and some not yet. The important thing however is that we still aim high and strive to be the best and for a brighter future.

This year looks like it will be action packed and a bit of a whirlwind.  APEC meetings are underway with the first SOM (Senior Officials Meeting) happening in Putrajaya in February.  It is also Visit Malaysia year and for Americans, 2020 is an election year.  

AMCHAM expects to be really busy driving an exciting calendar of events and expanding our activity in Penang too. We kicked off the new year with not just a networking cocktail but a goal setting workshop (OKRs) and our new MP Chat Series with YB Wong Chan.  Working with the UN Global Compact, we will host a program in Penang that frames how we work towards meeting the 2030 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

In February, some of you may have already signed up with AmCham Cambodia for their trade program “Business Opportunities in Agriculture” in both Vientiane and Phnom Penh. LeadWomen brings to the Chamber their 3-day training for female board prospects.  And in March, I hope you all have booked your place to attend the AmChams of Asia Pacific (AAP) Business Summit in Singapore on March 11 & 12.  

This first quarter is already a hive of activity. So please keep your eye out for the AMCHAM emails/notices and make time in your calendar for the programs that will resonate with you and join us!  

In the meantime, wishing you all all safe, happy and prosperous New Year, both for 2020 and the Year of the Metal Rat!