From the Desk of the ED

The one thing we can all agree on is that Malaysia is not boring.

Once again, we find ourselves facing a brand new government, albeit in extraordinary circumstances, and dealing with all the uncertainty that goes along with the changing of the guard . To capture an immediate response to the new Cabinet, AMCHAM ran a snap poll (see below) and, as expected, the results expressed concerns for the stability of the government and the confidence for them to reassure investors and to manage the ongoing struggling economy. All of this on the backdrop of COVID-19, falling oil prices and a severely impacted global supply chain.

Tackling COVID-19 many member companies have been reviewing or implementing business contingency plans (BCP) along with common sense

AMCHAM is staying vigilant in dealing with COVID-19; for now we are  continuing to deliver key programs for our membership but implementing  measures to minimize the risk of exposure including restricting the size of the programs, wider spacing of the seating arrangements and mandatory washing of hands before entering the Chamber – if on premise – or with sanitizers at remote locations. Staff members are under instruction to work from home should they feel unwell, show any symptoms or feel they have been exposed directly or indirectly to COVID-19.

AMCHAM Snap Poll on Malaysia’s New Cabinet

Coronavirus: Preventive Measures