From Diversity to Equity: Realizing Your Organizations Full Potential

In the pursuit of implementing diversity and inclusivity, many organizations find that while they may have unlocked some of the barriers to achieving this, they are unable to realize the full potential of this investment.

On 7 December, AMCHAM brought together expert speakers to present on the topic of realizing an organizations’ full potential, and how it can be done now. Kevin Harris, Partner at Russell Reynolds Associates and Jynn Goh, Consultant at Russell Reynolds Associates conducted the session. The speakers provided insight and ideas on the importance of diversity, particularly from a business and market standpoint. They also spoke about the implementation of diversity in an organization. This session was quite interactive as the speakers performed a few quick surveys with the attendees, getting their feedback and addressing what are often the barriers to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, especially for women.

Overall a great session. Special thanks to both the speakers from Russell Reynolds Associates. This session was very educational and beneficial for organizations today.