First Day of School at Oasis International School – Kuala Lumpur

On Wednesday, 29 August, Oasis International School – Kuala Lumpur opened its doors for the first day of the 2018/2019 inaugural school year. Anticipation has been building for years—throughout the three year planning and construction of the beautiful 12-acre campus, and for the past year with the community events that focused on building relationships among OIS students and families before the school year began.

OIS Founding Head of School, Ben Hale, referred to the excitement of the day, “The first day of school is always exciting, but the first day at a new school is a great day in history! Today we are making history together. It has been so good to see the Oasis International School community come together over the past few months through our community building events. Our founding families have been incredibly supportive during the long building and preparation process, but it is obvious
that parents, students, teachers are ready to see school start today! Go Eagles!”

The elementary school experienced a bustle of excitement as students re-acquainted themselves from community building events and new students introduced themselves. Kindergarten through 5th grade classes explored the school, getting to know their new learning community.

The middle school and high school students started the school year with a two-day induction into the Oasis International School community, analyzing the prolific poem, “Where I’m From”, by George Ella Lyon. Students used digital tools to create their own poems to tell the multifaceted story of where they are from. This gave both students and teachers the opportunity to get to know one another through the use of poetry and digital tools.

OIS begins its inaugural year offering classes from kindergarten through eleventh grade.

On 8 November, Oasis International School will host an official ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate
the opening publically.

About Oasis International School – Kuala Lumpur (OIS)
Oasis International School – Kuala Lumpur offers an American educational program for students in Kindergarten to 11th grade that is staffed by U.S. certified teachers, created to be academically challenging, integrated with cutting-edge technology, and centered in developing character in our students. OIS offers a personalized learning experience that integrates a holistic approach and is based on the United States education model.