FedEx Express Enhances Connectivity for Consolidated Shipments from Asia Pacific to Europe

Adding 12 lanes for International Priority DirectDistribution® and 47 lanes for International Economy DirectDistribution® connecting Asia Pacific to 28 EU countries

Kuala Lumpur, February 10, 2020—FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp (NYSE: FDX) and the world’s largest express transportation company, has expanded coverage for its FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution (IPD) and FedEx International Economy DirectDistribution (IED) services from Asia Pacific to European Union (EU) countries. In addition to its existing routes from Asia Pacific to Europe, FedEx now has 12 additional lanes for International Priority DirectDistribution and 47 additional lanes for International Economy DirectDistribution, extending both services from 13 major Asia-Pacific markets to all 28 EU countries.

IPD and IED services simplify and speed up cross-border deliveries between Asia Pacific and EU, enabling businesses, especially SMEs, to deliver goods to their customers faster. The enhanced connectivity facilitates easy, efficient shipping for customers in Asia Pacific to send multiple packages from a single location in an origin country to multiple recipients in an EU country. For example, a customer can use IPD or IED to ship at one time 20 packages as a consolidated shipment from Hong Kong, SAR China to different recipients in Germany. Customs clearance for such packages will be processed through a single shipping label and a Consolidated Commercial Invoice (CCI). Customers can use alternate channels, such as intermediaries, to reduce cycle time and move products from origin to end recipient more swiftly.

“Trade between the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries account for 55% of all world merchandise trade. As trade relations between Europe and Asia strengthens, this is an excellent opportunity for greater bilateral trade,” said Karen Reddington, president, Asia Pacific, FedEx Express. “As customer requirements for cross-border access increase, the expanded coverage of IPD and IED services will enable our Asia Pacific customers to capture global opportunities and tap new possibilities.”

IPD Single Point of Clearance (SPOC) and IED Single Point of Clearance (SPOC) services are also available for Asia Pacific businesses to send multiple packages under the same master airway bill from a single location in an origin country to multiple recipients in multiple destinations among the 28 EU countries.

To help Asia Pacific businesses further connect to Europe opportunities, FedEx Express has expanded the destinations for its FedEx International Economy and International Economy Freight services. In addition to its existing routes, FedEx opened 148 lanes for International Economy and 56 lanes for International Economy Freight from Asia Pacific to Europe.

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