Creating positive impact on communities

We measure the impact of our community outreach activities (COP, MyReaders, Money and Me), as it helps us evaluate their effectiveness in making a change. We are happy to share that our activities have made a positive impact on the participating schools and charity homes, in terms of cost saving on educational programmes.

To gather the results, we asked ourselves, “How much would charity homes or schools have to spend to enroll each child for tuition throughout the volunteering duration?” We then used market rates for tuition and financial literacy courses to calculate the estimated cost.

In FY17, our COP ran for 20 weeks, with 87 students participating. MyReaders ran for 21 weeks, for 16 students, while 8 Money & Me workshops were organised for 30 students. In total, we impacted 133 individuals, who collectively logged over 9,000 hours of tuition or financial literacy workshops.

Through the collective efforts of our volunteers, we were able to help the school and charity homes save a total of RM524,000 on tuition costs.

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