Engagement Session with the Minister of Home Affairs and International Chambers

AMCHAM participated in an engagement session with the Minister of Home Affairs at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on 9 December 2021. Our CEO Siobhan Das was able to relate the need for a robust and secure talent pipeline, at all levels, and the importance of talent mobility especially at this time of recovery. 

“AMCHAM looks forward to establishing a regular engagement with the Ministry to develop short, mid, and long-term plans to address the talent gaps emerging as the country tries to meet the needs of incoming FDI. The inclusion of international workers at various levels will inject the right skills and drive local job growth, said Siobhan Das at the engagement session. 

Many of AMCHAM member companies already have highly-localized workforces but new technologies, business models and supply chain movements will bring new demands to upskill and deepen capabilities and capacities. Working together with policymakers to maintain the integrity of the talent pipeline will ensure Malaysia remains competitive and resilient for future investments, both domestic and foreign.