E&E Forum

The E&E industry has been a key engine of growth for Malaysia for almost 50 years, and today contributes almost 100% of Malaysia’s trade surplus. Today the industry is somewhat at a crossroads, with changing global trade and supply chain dynamics presenting both challenges and opportunities for companies doing business in Malaysia.

Malaysia has long been a favored destination for MNCs in the E&E sector, particularly American companies, but must now navigate a new landscape with greater uncertainties and rapidly emerging new competitors. Bold strategies are needed to incentivize investments and reinvestments and to ensure that Malaysia can compete on key differentials such as talent, logistics, digitalization and the upskilling of the SME ecosystem.

On July 31st, MITI organized an industry forum titled “Malaysia’s E&E Industry: Challenges and Opportunities Moving Forward” among public and private sector representatives to explore solutions to the above-mentioned challenges. AMCHAM was delighted to support this timely program. We firmly believe that the E&E industry plays, and will continue to play, a critical role in Malaysia’s drive to improve productivity, reach high-income status, and to keep Malaysian talent at the forefront of technological development.