AGCO GSI (M) Sdn Bhd: EDGE – Smart Solutions to Help Farmers Feed the World

At AGCO, we help our customers nourish an exploding population, respond to increased demand for high-quality protein and preserve more of what’s produced.

We believe in smart innovation that allows farmers to flourish and create productive agriculture operations. So how does EDGE® Controller help farmers?

EDGE® is a single platform that is versatile and intuitive allowing it to handle all control application whether is it for swine, broiler, breeder, pullet, or layer houses.

It is a unique controller that allows users to control, monitor and managing the entire farms’ operation in ventilation, feeding, cooling, heating, lighting and more. With EDGE®, users are able to control the farm operation in just a click, reducing the management complexity and eliminating the need to own more controllers for each individual houses.

The EDGE® gives real time status update of the entire operation. Farmers now have the freedom to leave their farm knowing that still have control of all aspects of operation in the palm of their hands.

EDGE® is more than just a product. It is the next generation of controllers. A platform designed to evolved and expand operations. As quoted in our mission, “Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment”, we are constantly finding new ways to increase farmers’ productivity through value-added innovation and through that we help to build a sustainable high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world. Together, we shall ensure food security and never stop feeding the world.