Du Pont : Serving Communities through Employee Volunteering

DuPont employees are active participants in their respective communities. Through employee volunteer
programs, we engage in collaborative service efforts and make a difference in the lives of our communities.

Yearly, we dedicated several man-hours per year conducting workshops on leadership related topics for
final year students of Monash University Malaysia. We impart food nutrition knowledge to young children
and presented papers in programs hosted by Nutrition Society of Malaysia. In line with our core values of
safety & health, we continue to champion safety at workplace and support National Institute of
Occupational, Safety and Health of Malaysia’s (NIOSH) agenda of improving occupational, safety and
health (OSH) practitioners’ knowledge and competency skills. Working closely with states education
departments, we are passionate about 3R; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and will continue to drive this initiative
in more schools.

Built on a proud heritage and collaborative ethic, we at DuPont will continue to partner with like-minded
organizations to help provide safe, sufficient food, ample, sustainable energy and protection for people and
the environment.