Driving Energy Transformation – A Roadmap Towards 100% Renewable Energy

In light of the ever-pressing issue of climate change, businesses must re-examine and shift to more sustainable practices.

This afternoon, AMCHAM held a Spotlight session featuring Ditrolic Solar, a leading solar company in South East Asia. Founder and CEO of Ditrolic Energy Group Tham Chee Aun talked us through Ditrolic Solar’s solutions and its valuable contribution to renewable energy, in line with the Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices.

He provided an overview of Malaysia’s energy landscape and laid out a realistic roadmap of how businesses can adopt sustainable energy practices and readily available energy procurement strategies. To demonstrate this, he walked participants through a case study of a company currently utilizing Ditrolic Solar’s solutions.

The AMCHAM Spotlight session is a unique and interactive event platform for companies to highlight their brand and showcase particular products or services to an exclusive audience within the AMCHAM membership.