Dow Chemical (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

– We believe that together science and humanity can change the world. And we seek to magnify our impact through meaningful collaborations with like-minded partners –

Dow believes that innovative, responsible and sustainable business plays an important role in building a healthy and thriving society. As a result, the company focuses on economic, environmental and social well-being through its operations and in its work with others. Citizenship activities are designed to leverage employee expertise, innovative technology and the culture of inclusion to generate a meaningful social impact. In 2019, Dow Malaysia pursued a range of activities benefitting the local community.

In support of the autism community, Dow partnered the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) and raised funds though the company’s charity golf tournament, internal sale of merchandise and employee donations. This donation was dedicated to help people with autism. Dow is partnering NASOM and University Technology Mara to set up the country’s first national autism resource center. Focusing on the environment, Dow organized two clean-ups, one at Paya Beach and the other at Sungei Bunus together with employees and the latter involving the local community to spark conversations on keeping the environment clean. Taking care of underprivileged youths is another area where Dow funded STEM-Robotics education for these youths through collaboration with HOPE Worldwide Malaysia.