Crown Worldwide Group Sdn. Bhd.

– A life-long commitment to building our communities and protecting the environment –

Crown’s seeks to positively impact the world, including communities, service partners and employees. The Company’s commercial activities are balanced by compassion and responsible actions.

Since establishing a formal CSR function in 2008, Crown has deeply embedded corporate responsibility in its policies, processes and communications. The goal is to do business in a way that positively impacts the communities. This award application describes Crown’s CSR actions and resulting benefits in the following areas: Give back to the community and employee engagement; diversity and inclusion; environmental protection and sustainability.

In each of these areas, Crown sets targets for improvement and measures its actions to track progress; more importantly, in each of these areas Crown has defined actions, made progress, improved and innovated. In addition to corporate-led global initiatives that pull geographically diverse teams together for a common effort, Crown also encourages and incentivizes employee-led regional and local initiatives – the origins of many of the most impactful ideas. This mix of grassroots and corporate-driven action, along with the volume of activities helps Crown engage its employees, sustain itself and enrich its communities. This triple benefit – to stakeholders, to Crown and to the community at large – is at the heart of its CSR philosophy; it is what allows its effort to be financially sustainable.

Each year Crown communicates CSR actions and relative improvements in a published Sustainability Report available to all internal and external stakeholders.

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