Cracking the Code on Financial Innovation in Malaysia

The banking and finance industry has seen a proliferation of new digital technologies, programs, and platforms. The fintech revolution and trends within it, such as digital banking are fostering significant transformations across the industry.  On 12 February 2020, AMCHAM had the first entry of its Digital Transformation Series for the year focusing on these trends fintech in the banking and finance industry.

We had two amazing presenters, Mr. Shayan Hazir, Head of Global Liquidity & Cash Management, HSBC Malaysia and Mr. Rafidz Rasiddi, Chief Strategy Officer, Merchantrade Asia Sdn. Bhd.  

This session highlighted the drivers of growth and innovation within their respective organizations and new initiatives implemented for better serving their various customer segments. The two speakers also indicated how the role and function that banks, in general, would change in the foreseeable future. Indicating how the focus of banks is now shifting towards a more user and customer-based experience.

This is the first entry into AMCHAM’s Digital Transformation Series in 2020. There was a great turn out for this session and attendees actively participated in an in-depth Q&A session. 

Stay tuned for more talks in this series, coming to you throughout the year.