COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Following the announcement by the Government on the COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, detailed guides and steps have been released on how you can apply for the vaccination. The information below is abstracted from the Special Committee on Ensuring Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) official website and social media pages.


If you are a COVID-19 vaccine recipient abroad, you can now continue applying for digital certificates for COVID-19 vaccination through Helpdesk MySejahtera by choosing Option N.

If you received your COVID-19 vaccination abroad, you may now apply directly for the COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate via MySejahtera Helpdesk by choosing Option N.



  • How to apply for the COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Digital Certificate for patients who cannot be vaccinated due to medical issues. Only individuals with absolute contraindication will be granted the exemption.



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Registration for COVID-19 Vaccination
Here’s how you can register for COVID-19 vaccination on the MySejahtera app:

Vaccination process through the MySejahtera application can be viewed here on page 18  to 20 of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme handbook. The handbook (in both BM and English) can be downloaded from the official JKJVA Webpage.

Download the Handbook Here:

MySejahtera is updating everyone who has registered for vaccinations. Users will start seeing displays like this (see image below) starting 4 March. If anyone who has registered but aren’t seeing a this display, no need to re-register. Your previous registration has been recorded. But if you have re-registered and see the date displayed is the same as the re-registration date, don’t worry, appointments can still be made according to the registration date made originally.
Preparations for COVID-19 Vaccination
Appointments will be set when the phase you belong to is about to begin. Three things to prepare for before being vaccinated:


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