COVID-19: Taking the First Steps to Recovery

Now that China has come out of lockdown and both the U.S. and Europe appear to be heading towards the peak of Covid-19 infection, uncertain times surface once again. However, the long-term impact on global business and supply chains remain unknown. It is unclear exactly what might happen in the coming months.

Today, 28 April 2020, AMCHAM in collaboration with Control Risks had a webinar to shed some light on what the ‘recovery’ phase could be like. Speakers John Macpherson, Partner at Control Risks, and Allanna Rigby, Principal at Control Risks, provided insight on how companies can start planning their recovery, the first steps they can take right now and how to get back to business regardless of disruptions, as well as what to look out for. The ideas presented were very useful and practical.

Attendees gained an idea of the possible future amidst the uncertain times, and can begin to utilise available tools and strategies brought up by the speakers as the business enters the recovery road to a post Covid-19 world.