Corporate Success with Mind Wellness

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought all our focus to physical and economic health, having good mental health is still important. On 18 August 2020, AMCHAM held a webinar titled ‘Corporate Success with Mind Wellness’ that dived into good mental health practices. 

Mr. Yap Chee Khong, Clinical Psychologist from Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, helped the audience to better understand stress: how it works, how it can impact life and work as well as what some of the techniques to counter stress are. Dr. Indigo, Success & Mind Wellness Practitioner, provided the audience with an understanding of what is “mind wellness” and why it matters to shift the conversation from mental illness to mind wellness. She also went into detail as to why resilience is crucial to mind wellness especially when navigating through the “storms” of life. These two presentations hopefully gave guidance to all that attended, on how to better manage themselves as well as their employees, given these challenging times.