Corporate Social Responsibility and Excellence: Perspectives from the Indo-Pacific Region

The Indo-Pacific Business Forum (IPBF) was held today, 28 October, as a hybrid in-person and virtual event. Jenny Foo, Director, Communications, Customer Experience and AP Technical Information Services, Keysight Technologies represented AMCHAM Malaysia at the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Excellence: Perspectives from the Indo-Pacific Region’ panel discussion, alongside business leaders from the Myanmar, Thailand, and Singapore American Chambers.

Key point of discussion during the panel involved how to create a good CSR culture. Companies must move from focusing on shareholders’ interests to stakeholders’- environment, society, community, and government- interests. In that vein, companies need to align their business goals with their CSR goals, which is an essential part in order to incorporate CSR into the DNA of an organization. Good CSR also has to start from within the organization itself, from top management downwards.

The COVID-19 pandemic was also another key point in the discussion. The pandemic has definitely brought more companies together as they strive towards working with multiple stakeholders and even competitors in these uncertain times. The speakers discussed how their respective companies have worked with their communities, governments, and competitors to provide concentrated aid where it has been needed.

Overall, this panel was filled with great insights and discussions on what CSR means to the speakers’ respective countries and companies and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the ways in which they work to their goals in supporting their environment and business ecosystems.

AMCHAM was also able to showcase the MY AMCHAM CARES program at the CSR Excellence Showcase with a virtual exhibit booth at the exhibit hall.