Corporate Citizenship: Driving Impact with Corporate Volunteering

On 12 December, AMCHAM was delighted to have Nehal Shah, CSR Program Manager of ON Semiconductor and Taufiq Razak, Leader – GE Volunteers Malaysia of General Electric International, Inc. (GE) to share their areas of expertise
in Corporate Volunteering.

Nehal Shah was tasked to expand the employee volunteer program to Asia during a short-term expatriate assignment to the region for the last four months. We were grateful to have Nehal to share her journey in Asia learning about the implementation of corporate volunteering in Asia. During her four months, she had the opportunity to visit 10 countries to help her understand further on corporate volunteerism.

Taufiq Razak, a financial analyst by profession, is passionate about giving back to society. During his presentation, Taufiq enlightened the audience with the work that is being carried out by the GE Volunteers Malaysia, how they partner with various associations and NGOs in order to obtain a wider reach within the Malaysian community.

AMCHAM would like to thank Nehal and Taufik for their inspiring presentations. The audience was able to take away some key insights from both the presenters and most importantly, were given a deeper understanding of the importance of corporate volunteering and insights around what can make a difference between a good and ‘could be better’ program.